New EP on the horizon

Josh Breland's design

We have been doing a bit of work here at Mulewax Studios.  I tried out our new logo on some t-shirts, and then decided I needed to do a little bit of work to make it work out better.

The new logo will be used to make t-shirts, punk rock canvas patches (Hell Yeah!) and will be the cover of our CDs… although I am not sure if they will replace the design on the current Live CD, or if they will be on our CD that we are mixing right now.

Anyway, our show on December 18 at Avery Brewery we will be taking donations for AT LEAST the punk rock patches in two sizes.  And I must say, they are impressive and should be pinned to your bag, briefcase, jean jacket, or the upholstery in your car, whatever you kids pin stuff to.  I am already rocking one on my guitar case.  We might even get it painted on Darin’s bass drum.  After all, this is the rock and roll industry.

Hope to see you on December 18 at Avery Brewery from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM – for a happy Happy Hour.


PS – make some comments!  We love comments and want to know what you think of this page, good and bad.  Should we re-design?  Is it too text heavy?  Is it perfect?  Do you hate the music player as much as I do?  Do you want us to link to your page?  Are you wasted?  Did you watch our videos yet?



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2 responses to “New EP on the horizon

  1. Lookin good Mr. Mule!

    I want to sign up for emails please.

    Love from the Mitten,

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