Artwork for Mulewax

Here at Mulewax, we have been very lucky to have great friends as artists who produce amazing visual art for posters, for CD art, for fun!

Andrew Eberwine has given us another poster, and I must say I have enjoyed looking at it and I hope you do too. I shall be using it in the near future for something! Here it is:

Awesome?  Yeah. Of course!

I wanted to put up a post and thank everyone who has taken time and energy to make us look good. Mulewax, and The Longest Day of the Year thank you very much. Plus, this is a great time to show everyone a bit of the artwork friends have provided for Mulewax over the years. Some you may have seen before, others maybe not.  We appreciate your support and your time, consciousnesses, and hard work.

Here is who did what, they are all amazing and should be rich and famous:

Thank you to AK (Eric Vansingel) (#1), Johnny Andres (#2), Steven Silvestro, Josh Breland (#3, #9, and for playing the bass!), Steven Silvestro (#4 – a woodcut which I have yet to print a full copy of… soon!, #7, #8), Melissa Padgett (#6), and Andrew Eberwine (#5, and the big one on top!)


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