Harvest Gathering Next Weekend

Are you ready for Harvest Gathering? We sure as hell are. Can’t wait to drive across the country, Colorado to Lake City, Michigan – stop in Kalamazoo for some friendship and Kalamabrew good times… drink Michigan beer, play music, visit with friends and listen to many of my favorite bands and artists.

The Longest Day of the Year will have an abundance of new CDs that we are just now finishing up.  Brian and Dan are in on the action playing lead guitar and bass. It sounds so good it hurts.  The quality is amazing and we want to get them in everyone’s hands, ears, and heads.

The Longest Day of the Year will be playing on Saturday September 18, Noon O Clock, at the Cedar Stage. And most likely we will be rambling around the grounds, maybe playing at the gate, in the parking lot, the bonfire, the kitchen. Wherever we can.

Also, there are so many great acts playing and just to name a few that I am looking forward to (it is impossible to name all):
Seth and May play two sets
Gifts or Creatures?
Huggy Bear & Wire in the Wood
Chris Bathgate
Red Sea Pedestrians
Breathe Owl Breathe!
Graham Parsons & the Go Rounds

Too many more, I want to see them all, alright!

It is going to be great. You should go. Do it. See you there!


Now on Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/tldotymusic


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