2nd Saturday Celebration! Two Shows (Fort Collins afternoon and Denver evening)

Live Music this Weekend

Wanna see some live music this weekend?  How about Saturday?  You live in Fort Collins?  Lets grab a beer at Odell Brewing Company from 4PM to 6PM.  You live in Denver, heck what about Washington Park Grill round about 10PM.  That’s right, we have two shows on Saturday so grab some friends and get ready to rock!  Celebrating the 2nd Saturday of the month only happen once a month!

Don’t Forget

If you have not yet grabbed our latest recordings (Live@Lunch, KRFC, Fort Collins) make sure you head to www.tldotymusic.com and click download on all our Free songs!

Of Importance

Lastly, be sure to kick in for the Seth and May Kickstarter project.  Help them head to Ethiopia, build a school, teach and learn music, and then make a recording about their experience.

Use the Twitter:  www.twitter.com/tldotymusic

Join the Facebook: www.facebook.com/mulewaxmusic

Come play with us!




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