The Longest Day of the Year was grown out of the independent mid-west music scene and united in the evening shadows of Colorado’s mountains.

They are a team of string strummers, harmonica howlers, drum drummers, and song singers whittling tunes from the gray ceiling of Michigan and the foothills of Boulder, CO. With influences drawn from the American Roots Music tradition, TLDOTY cooks together their vast experience in folk and country, indie-rock, and Canjun/zydeco. TLDOTY delivers straight up new-fangled, old-timey, foot-stompy, modern moonshine tall tales.

Strong and strange storytelling mixes with unconventional arrangements on traditional country, roots, folk, and rock song structures to bring you a new brand of fiery outlaw Americana.

They tangle words with wood, metal, and wire. They bring the sweet and bitter truth, raising hearts and pints.

For more information on TLDOTY straight from the Mule’s mouth, head over to Contact Us and call or email. Here is what others have said about TLDOTY:

This folk rock band makes listeners feel like they are being sent back to good ‘ol western times. The Longest Day of the Year, originally from Michigan but now based in Boulder, has low, country vocals and high wailing guitars. This band will not disappoint folk rock lovers or those looking for a good foot stomping time.”
– Marquee Magazine, The Marquee (Jun 01, 2011)

“From deep within the tangled foothills of Boulder, Colorado, these grizzled Americana outlaws sing their stories like an old country song, but keep things unconventional with heavy influences in folk, rock, and traditional roots styles. Complete with harmonica, strings, drums and vocals, The Longest Day of the Year will start out Frozen Dead Guy Days with a raised glass and something for those frozen bones to stomp to.”
– Bobbi Stark, Marquee Magazine (Feb 01, 2011)

“TLDOTY appears to be onto something very cool with this EP, and it is very creative and fun and original at the same time that it recalls very traditional roots music… Whatever it is, the blend put out by TLDOTY is in your veins working its magic with the first track of this five-track CD that covers, lyrically, “strong and strange storytelling”: sitting in the dark with the radio on, wishing you had your own car, when you have no one and nowhere to go; the time you were being hauled to jail and wondered whether you would be able to make bail; drinking bourbon after you burned the farm down.”
– Jeanie Straub, Colorado Music Buzz (Oct 21, 2010)

“Their music is an interesting blend of old-time, backbreaking, dusty “whiskey country” and thoughtful, soulful slow rock… Expect to see their progressive, backwoods country flavor coming to the rise next year.”
– Jeremy Cougar Littlefield, GetBoulder.com

“The Longest Day of the Year sent me some tracks from their new album, Coffee Stains. I was blown away to say the least. His lyricism reminds me of Tom Waits. His voice reminds me of Lucero; yet, he doesn’t come off as an imitation of another. The Longest Day of the Year merely stand on the shoulders’ of greats to reach new heights.”
– Kevin Riley, BackFortyPresents.com (Mar 12, 2010)

“The legendary Taps McFirkin has lived a long life of beer-fueled danger and adventure and his exploits are wonderfully captured in this heel-pounding, pint-raising tune, “The Debauching Ballad of Taps McFirkin.” The song is part of The Longest Day of the Year’s five-track EP, “Coffee Stains,” which is out now.”
– John Liberty, Kalamabrew (May 14, 2010)