2012 Record of the Year?!?

We’ve been played a lot on CO radio stations this year, We’ve been on the top spins charts almost all year since we released “Turn into the Ground” last January, so thanks to those of you who’ve called or emailed into stations and asked for us in the past!
Now we are asking if you would take 3 minutes and give us a vote in The Colorado Sound’s Colorado album of the year poll.  The DJ who produces The Colorado Sound played us many times on his weekly show, and his program is syndicated on several stations around the state.  So, if you guys give us some votes, we’re confident that he’ll include us in the Top Records of 2012.  We would be honored if you followed the directions below to tell CO Sound that you love our music!

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

All of our CDs and tshirts (limited quantity left, lots of women’s sizes!) are only $10 (TEN DOLLARS!) in our online store for a limited time!  Buy some gifts for friends, and for yourself.  Tis the season, damn it!  We are in the process of getting a new design to purchase on some fancy new tshirts.  So the more we sell of these right now, the faster we can put more up because all the money we make goes straight to buying more high-quality shirts!


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Boulder Beer, Telluride, Rock.

Hey there folks!

RAWK! That’s Rowdy Americana with Knuckles. And we have a ton of RAWK aimed straight at your ears.

Phew, it is almost the end of August, but we have much to do… finishing mixing our first full-length album, to playing one more show in Boulder before we head out to Telluride and much more!

Come join us for some beverages and lots and lots of music. If you know someone in Telluride who wants to see a kick-ass show, please forward this here email to their inbox and tell them about RAWK.

Boulder Beer
Boulder, CO
Saturday, Aug. 20

Steaming Bean

Telluride, CO
Saturday, Aug. 27

Louisville, CO
Friday, Sept. 2

Highland Pacific
Denver, CO
Saturday, Sept. 3

Pearl Street Pub
Boulder, CO
Wednesday, Sept. 7

So listen to some songs, visit us on Facebook or Twitter, get ready for a beautiful CD in a month or so, it sounds like magic awesome. Pure. Magic. Awesome.


photo by Matt Mock


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